Mismatch in root file addition

I have three root file each has identical branches information. In each file there are two branches named Edep and Edep1 . Now in one method I added three root file by reading this way :
for(Int_t i = 1; i<=3; ++i)
{ string InputFile = “1E6_solid_20_”+to_string(i)+“.root”;
here the spectrum I got

Since these three file has similar info , I tried another method . Taking any one of the file then filling the histogram three times like this way :
for(Int_t i=1;i<=3;i++){
for(Int_t iEntry=0;iEntry<Edep_Branch->GetEntries();iEntry++)
here the spectrum I got

Why this mismatch is coming ? Note the no of entries also very much different . Here I added branch named ‘Edep1’ .

But with branch ‘Edep’ this method worked well . No of entries matches also.

I also find problem in overlap this spectrum. First one needed log scale for visualization but second one does not.

To merge into one root file, use hadd; to just concatenate on-the-fly (not writing, unless you explicitly save), use a TChain. See this and the TChain docs (or search this forum for examples of both hadd and TChain).

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