Minuit2 Minimization did NOT converge

I am using Minuit2 to minimize an unfamiliar function with 6 randomly initialised variables.

During the minimzation I get the following error:

Minuit2Minimizer: Minimize with max-calls 10000 convergence for edm < 0.001 strategy 1

Info in : VariableMetricBuilder: no improvement in line search

Info in : VariableMetricBuilder: machine accuracy limits further improvement.

Info in : VariableMetricBuilder: Stop the minimization - reached machine accuracy limit

Info in : Edm is smaller than machine accuracy : machineLimit = 2136.12

Info in : Current Edm is : edm = 0.015255

Info in : Required Edm is : edmval = 2e-06

Info in : VariableMetricBuilder: INVALID function minimum - edm is above tolerance, : edm = 0.015255

Info in : VariableMetricBuilder: Required tolerance is 10 x edmval : edmval = 2e-06

Info in : Minuit2Minimizer::Minimize : Minimization did NOT converge, Edm is above max

Minuit2Minimizer : Invalid Minimum - status = 3

FVAL = 3.58382e+10

Edm = 0.015255

Nfcn = 361

My tolerance was set at 0.001. Should I increase it? Or should I just accept that this function has no minimum?

What you are getting is caused most probably by a not precise enough computation of your minimization function. If you can reduce its error this would be better, otherwise you might need to increase the tolerance


Hi, what do you mean by not precise enough computation of the minimization function? Do I have to change the minimizations function or is it a computer problem?