MINUIT parameters


This question is probably already answered, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. What is the fastest MINUIT minization routine and setting that gives me the two parameters I am fitting to the second decimal place? I am finding the documentation extremely lacking, or perhaps just looking in the wrong place. Now I have:

Int_t ierflag = 0;
minuit->mnexcm(“SET ERR”, 1,1,ierflag);
double arglist[2]={1000,1.};
minuit->mnparm(0, “par1”, par1_ave, par1_sig/10., 0,0,ierflag);
minuit->mnparm(1, “par2”, par2_ave, par2_sig/10., 0,0,ierflag);

Since each minimization iteration is huge in my program, this takes a lot of time, about half of which I have no use for:

chi2:8.23013 par1:0.193953 par2:200.154
chi2:6.96164 par1:0.198144 par2:199.929 <-- perfectly happy with this one
// plus 72 calls - roughly half
chi2:6.90093 par1:0.200062 par2:200.005

I know that I can change the 1000 in the minimize argument, but I want to control the certainty in the fitted parameters, not the number of maximum iterations