Minimization methods in TFitter/TMinuitMinimizer


which minimization methods are actually available in Minuit (or: what are their names)?
At the moment I know simplex and migrad for minimization (using root 5.20)

  TFitter *minimizer = new TFitter(2);

but according to the TMinuitMinimizer auto-doccumentation their are probably also ‘kCombined’ and ‘kMigradImproved’ as possible algorithms.
But when I try to use these (with/without ‘k’ in name) root just fails not knowing the command. Can I actually call these algorithms by hand for using in MINUIT?

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Sorry for the noise…

I have found the algorithm names in the next entry in TMinuitMinimizer’s documentation.
(Migrad, Simplex, Minimize, Migrad_imp)