Merging files in EOS

Hi ROOTers!

I am trying to merge files that are present on eos using something like:
hadd mytarget.root xrdfsls -u /store/user/twamorka/rootfiles | grep '\.root'

in the src folder of a CMSSW release (after doing cmsenv).
However, I am getting the message “-bash: xrdfsls: command not found”.

Is this the right way to merge files located on eos?


I believe your command should have been (most likely clobbered see below):

hadd mytarget.root `xrdfsls -u /store/user/twamorka/rootfiles | grep '\.root'`

Sounds like your environment is not properly configured to handle XRootD since xrdfsls is not available. From the this EOS resource:

Once you have XRootD correctly configured the following command should list the files you would like to merge then you should be able to use your command.

xrdfsls -u /store/user/twamorka/rootfiles | grep '\.root'

PS: I believe that the forum has clobbered your input. You can wrap your code in backticks (tilde key with no shift, on US keyboards) to prevent the forum from clobbering your input or use three back ticks on a line alone to start a block on code and three more on a line by them self to end the line (see for more).

Thanks for the help!