Menu highlighting changed

I am using root 5.34.36 on windows. This is a silly question, but…

My application has a bunch of TGPopupMenu objects with numerous Entries. Somehow, when I activate the popup menu and move my mouse over the entries, the “selection” is barely visible… I must have broken something, but cannot figure out what - an environment setting or something?

Any help greatly appreciated…


in your .rootrc you may put these entries:
(see also $ROOTSYS/etc/system.rootrc)

Gui.BackgroundColor:         #e8e8e8
Gui.ForegroundColor:         black
Gui.HighLightColor:          #d0d0d0
Gui.SelectBackgroundColor:   #d0d0d0
Gui.SelectForegroundColor:   black
Gui.DocumentBackgroundColor: white
Gui.DocumentForegroundColor: black
Gui.TooltipBackgroundColor:  LightYellow
Gui.TooltipForegroundColor:  black

You are probably looking for: Gui.SelectBackgroundColor: #d0d0d0