Menu Bar


I have created a gui and wondered if instead of creating a menu bar as described in the ROOT Users Guide is there a way of importing the menu bar that exists in the ROOT window when you create and draw a histogram from the command line?



Hi Lisa,

I am afraid I do not understand your request of importing a menu bar…

A menu bar goes with menu titles and related popup menus that provide the application finctionality. If you like the canvas menu bar you can generate a macro that contains the GUI code. Move the mouse cursor on the menu bar of the canvas and hit Ctrl+S keys. The Open file dialog appears and you need to write the file name of the generated macro (for example: mymacro.C). After that you can execute this macro via
root[0] .x mymacro.C

You can edit and change the macro according to your needs; to pick up parts of the generated code and to implement them in your project, etc.

Cheers, Ilka