Memory used


I have been working with a lot of histograms in a code I’m working in and I found that when I submit jobs to grid, they seem to fail with no apparent reason, I think that the reason maybe that all the histograms I have implemented with ROOT in the code are taking all the memory available for the job and once the job runs out of RAM memory the job crashes, so the question I have is simple I guess. Is there any way to free RAM memory when running by saving the current status of the histograms in a ROOT file when the job is still running? I mean a method to never run out of processing memory because of to many ROOT histograms.

Thank you very much in advance if someone knows the answer


A couple questions/comments:

  • What happens when you run your job locally (e.g., does ‘top’ show that you are using more and more memory?)

  • It’s possible that “redesigning” your job (e.g., using a tree instead of many histograms) will help. Of course, without knowing what you are doing, it will be hard to suggest anything :smiley: