Memory-resident cwn ntuples and h2root

Is h2root able to convert memory-resident ntuples at all ?

After ntuple header is read and displayed properly h2root gives bunch of line like this:

***** ERROR in HNBUFR : Error reading contents bank : ID= 4

Do I absolutely have to use disk-resident ntuples ?

I do not see any restriction in h2root concerning memory-resident ntuples.
Could you send me a small hbook file showing the problem?


Here are short sample files. memo.ntp was created as memory-resident ntuple, disk.ntp was created as disk-resident ntuple. Both have LREC=1024 and
default BSIZE=1024.

I can open both files with PAW but h2root converts only disk resident ntuple.

For memory resident ntuple it gives error:

***** ERROR in HNBUFR : Error reading contents bank : ID= 4

I am thinking of just using disk files and setting BSIZE very large but it is just not the same IO-wise as having whole file as memory-resident.

What is it I am missing in creation of memory-resident files to make them undigestable by h2root ?

I do know about limits on PAWC and I already made it ridiculously large compared to ntuple size.
There is something else going on…

Me staring at source of HNBUFR did not help :open_mouth:
memo.ntp.gz (77.8 KB)
disk.ntp.gz (82.9 KB)


Your memo.ntp looks very strange (a mixture of memory and disk-resident ntuples).

You have a clear work-around with the disk-resident solution.
We will not investigate the conversion of this very special case now.