Memory problem debugging

Dear experts,
I have a class used for data analysis, and I have some problems with the residual memory which is continuously increasing so I suspect a memory leak ( and I have to remain under the 2.5GB threshold ).
My task consists of 2 constructors and one destructor, one method that is called once at the beginning of the task, and one that is called for each event.
I found the ProcInfo_t and MemInfo_t data types, and how to print the memory usage of the root process. Now if I print this in each method I can only observe that the memory usage is increasing, but I don’t know how to use this to debug my code properly.

Any ideas are highly welcomed. Thanks!

Hi @Ailema,

Are you running on a ROOT interpreter session (or are you compiling your code to a standalone executable file)?
In the latter case, you should be able to use tools such as memcheck (from the valgrind project). AddressSanitizer (building your program with -fsanitize=address), may also provide some valuable information.

Also, it would be useful if you share a reproducer for your problem.