Memory leak while reading a class from a TTree

I have a class that contains a TClonesArray of another class. The destructor on the class is working fine; I can loop indefinitely creating, populating, and then deleting the class without any increase in memory usage. When I write the class to disk using a TTree and then read it back the memory increases steadily until root crashes. The TClonesArray is allocated in the default constructor but if I remove this then I get a segfault during TTree::GetEntry.

The TTree documentation lists three methods of ensuring objects are deleted after TTree:GetEntry is called. If I let TTree handle it by itself or use ‘branch->SetAutoDelete(kTRUE);’ (options 1 and 2) then I see that my class’s destructor is not called and memory is leaking. If I do option 3, which is ‘delete class_pointer; class_pointer = 0;’ after each GetEntry then I get a segfault inside of the second GetEntry call.

Am I missing something here? Is this an issue with using ROOT 5.22.00 (against my will)?

You should need to clear or delete the variable you’re reading from the tree each pass around the loop.

For example … /Trees.pdf

page 29/30, note the “Event->Clear()” call.