Memory leak when getting TObjArray

Hello, why I get a memory leak with this code using 6.04/02?

#include <memory>
#include <TFile.h>
#include <TObjArray.h>

int main()
  TFile f("myfile.root")
  std::unique_ptr<TObjArray> formulae(dynamic_cast<TObjArray*>(f.Get("formulae")));
  return 0;
==10938== 1,600 (768 direct, 832 indirect) bytes in 12 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 13,701 of 14,557
==10938==    at 0x4C27965: operator new(unsigned long) (in /usr/lib64/valgrind/
==10938==    by 0xA8B58C8: TStorage::ObjectAlloc(unsigned long) (in /home/turra/root/lib/
==10938==    by 0xA832269: ROOT::new_TNamed(void*) (in /home/turra/root/lib/
==10938==    by 0xA903C88: TClass::New(TClass::ENewType, bool) const (in /home/turra/root/lib/
==10938==    by 0x9666BE9: TBufferFile::ReadObjectAny(TClass const*) (in /home/turra/root/lib/
==10938==    by 0xA8D755F: TObjArray::Streamer(TBuffer&) (in /home/turra/root/lib/
==10938==    by 0x961C3A4: TKey::ReadObj() (in /home/turra/root/lib/
==10938==    by 0x9582931: TDirectoryFile::Get(char const*) (in /home/turra/root/lib/
==10938==    by 0x400CF9: main (test_root.cxx:8)

you can use one of the file here: … online/v3/


By default the TObjArray does not own its content and thus does not delete it. You need to use:[code]#include
#include <TFile.h>
#include <TObjArray.h>

int main()
TFile f(“myfile.root”)
std::unique_ptr formulae(dynamic_cast<TObjArray*>(f.Get(“formulae”)));
return 0;