Memory leak in versions >5.26?

Hi, there is strange behavior of the latest root versions (tested 5.28 and 5.30).
I generated some MC data with 5.28, and analyse it with PyROOT.
If I use 5.28 or 5.30 for analysis, my code runs ‘forever’ (estimated runtime ~30hours).
When an older version (5.26) is used, I get a warning message at the beginning (“Warning in TFile::ReadStreamerInfo: FileName.root: not a TStreamerInfo object”), but the analysis is very fast and takes only ~20min.
While using Python with root>5.26, the RAM consumption is continuously increasing, which looks like there is some memory leak.


nothing that can be said or done based just on a textual description … Do you have an (as short as possible) sample code that exhibits the problem?


Hi Wim,
thank you for the reply. I understand.
Unfortunately my code is quite complicated and deals with sorting vectors and arrays and contains many loops. In order to make it short I need to locate where exactly the problem happens. I will try to do it when I have some spare time.
I thought may be someone encountered this or similar problems with the latest ROOT versions.