Memory Benchmarking for ROOT

Hi all,

Hope all is well with you! I’m currently looking into rootbench, since my CERN summer project involved TMVA BDT benchmarking. One idea that was floated around was to include memory use benchmarking.

I can see that most of the benchmarks are based on Google Benchmark, however as far as I can tell Google Benchmark does not carry out memory benchmarking (or am I missing something?). If this is indeed the case, can someone point me toward a resource outlining how memory benchmarking (if at all) is carried out and reported in rootbench? This is so that I can be consistent with existing code in the project.

Any help/comments are greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

Hi Xandru,

Good to hear from you! Let me pass your question to @oshadura - do you have a recommendation what to do for memory profiling in rootbench?

Cheers, Axel.

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If I remember correctly @vvassilev looked into it at some point?

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Yes, I have the work in this pull request Add memory instrumentation support by vgvassilev · Pull Request #197 · root-project/rootbench · GitHub It currently fails on unix and I did not have the chance to properly debug it. Are you planning to use this and on what timescale? If urgent I should be able to prioritize it.

Thank you very much! I’ll have to look into it. My internship only has 4 more weeks left, and there’s still quite a bit to go in terms of CPU. I’ll discuss with my project supervisor and will inform you as soon as possible - but please, if you have other higher priority work, do not worry about it! :slight_smile:

Small update :slight_smile: Given the short duration of my project, I’ll instead be trying to use gSystem->GetProcInfo to get some primitive memory benchmarks. Thanks for taking your time to answer my question!

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