Means values of 2 zoomed histograms

Dear all,

I drawn on the same canvas 2 histos (using “sames” option).
The problem is: when I zoom on the x axis, only the statistics
value (mean, rms) of the first histo is updating the other one
is not affected :unamused: .
Does anyone have a solution to fix this ?
By advance thank you

PS: I use ROOT5.22/00 under Mac os X 10.5 system

you are right. In case of several histograms in the same pad, only the first histogram had its statistics box updated. The problem should be fixed now in the SVN trunk.
Thanks for reporting this special case.


thank you Rene, it work perfectly now :smiley: .

A naive question:
when I zoom the mean and the rms changed as expected,
but the Entries remain constant … does this is correct ?
I mean if I zoom I have less Entries in my plot, so the Entries should decrease isn’t ?

No the number of entries does not change. In fact this information is in general not available when filling with weights. However, you can display the integral of the bins in the current range by selecting the option via gStyle->SetOptStat or myhist->SetStats


gStyle->SetOptStat(1001001111) display the integral in the zoom range
thank you