Meaning of the fit result

Hello rooters,

Documentation tells:
Access to the fit status

 The function return the status of the fit (fitResult) in the following form
   fitResult = migradResult + 10*minosResult + 100*hesseResult + 1000*improveResult
 The fitResult is 0 is the fit is OK.
 The fitResult is negative in case of an error not connected with the fit.

I have a fit which returns with 4 -> this means the migradResult=4 (?)
What does it mean?
What can I learn from this?
WHat I have to change to make it 0?

Thank you for your help in advance,

A value of migradResult = 4 means that there were some problem when running MIGRAD, i.e. an abnormal termination.
Run with more verbose printout (like option ā€œVā€) to know more about the reason of the failure


Thank you for your help