MDI standalone, CloseWindow() problem

I have some problems with an application. When I click “x” it closes, but not nicely, I mean it goes on running in the console. On the opposite, if I do File->Exit, I correctly enter in CloseWindow() method, and this is all right.
In fact, this is almost the same problem mentionned by Giorgio :
I red the solution proposed by Ilka, but I am wondering if there is not a proper solution. I mean something that doesn’t need to be changed in the system.
Hope I’m clear enough.

Thanks in advance,



Could you provide a running piece of code showing the problem and what you’re trying to achieve?

Cheers, Bertrand.

Ok that’s good. I found out the problem. To solve this I just add inheritance of TGMainFrame to TGAppMainFrame (class of mditest.C) to provide the right CloseWindow() method. Very trivial…
It works.
Nevertheless, thanks Bertrand.