Maximum number of events

Dear experts,

I’m using Proof Lite for ananlysis. Recently I tried to process big amount of data. The process goes fine, but in the “PROOF Query Progress” window it’s indicated that “number of events - 1000000000”. Meanwhile I know that the real number of events is much bigger. Is this some kind of limitation? Or, maybe, just the biggest number interface can show?


If you look into the TTree class description, you will find that for many methods, the default “nentries” value is 1000000000. Maybe that’s what you hit.

Thank you. Now it’s solved. The default value was overriden by using

Calling GetEntries opens the files twice: I am not sure you want to do that all the times.
Which ROOT version are you using?
What is the number of events of the events that triggers the problem? I will try to debug it.

G. Ganis