Mathmore with gsl

Hi ROOTers,

I’m using root 5.16 and am trying to make a program that takes advantage of the gsl libraries within libMathMore. As far as I am aware my copies of the GSL are up to date. libMathMore is included in the Makefile libraries, but I get the following errors when compiling:

/usr/local/root-pro/lib/ undefined reference to gsl_ran_gaussian_ziggurat' /usr/local/root-pro/lib/ undefined reference togsl_cdf_beta_Qinv’
/usr/local/root-pro/lib/ undefined reference to gsl_cdf_fdist_Pinv' /usr/local/root-pro/lib/ undefined reference togsl_cdf_poisson_Q’
/usr/local/root-pro/lib/ undefined reference to gsl_cdf_poisson_P' /usr/local/root-pro/lib/ undefined reference togsl_cdf_binomial_Q’
/usr/local/root-pro/lib/ undefined reference to gsl_cdf_fdist_Qinv' /usr/local/root-pro/lib/ undefined reference togsl_cdf_binomial_P’
/usr/local/root-pro/lib/ undefined reference to `gsl_cdf_beta_Pinv’

Does anyone know what the issue could be here? Is it as simple as these gsl functions not being integrated into root 5.16 libMathMore? (I did get an old version of this program to work, the new one is not significantly altered so I know I have managed to get round this issue previously, just can’t remember how!!!)



it looks to me you are using an old GSL version, which one are you using ?
The version must be at at least 1.8 or more recent (the latest is 1.11)