Materials in isomeric states

Dear all,

I am trying to use Radionuclides table from root to build materials.
My problem is the following:
I have to use materials in different isomeric states as Am-242m. I know that Am-242m is in the database of root ( … clides.txt).

I do not know how to use this material. I tried to put this line in my .c file:

but when i print this element, the result is the same than result coming from Am242 fundamental

Do you know how to use materials in different isomeric states with root geom ?

Thank you in advance for your answer,

Hi Thomas,

Use rather:

TGeoElementRN *AM242M = table->GetElementRN(242,95,1); // Note last argument AM242M->Print();

95-Am-242m ENDF=952421; A=242; Z=95; Iso=1; Level=0.049[MeV]; Dmass=55.512[MeV]; Hlife=4.45e+09[s]
J/P=5-; Abund=0; Htox=3.5e-05; Itox=1.9e-07; Stat=-29
Decay modes:
SpontFiss Diso: -1 BR: 0.001% Qval: 207
IsoTrans Diso: -1 BR: 99.539% Qval: 0.049
Alpha Diso: -1 BR: 0.460% Qval: 5.6373

For an example of usage:


Thank you very much for your help.

I think it is working.
Material AM242M A=242 Z=95 rho=1 radlen=5.78126 index=22
Material AM242G A=242 Z=95 rho=1 radlen=5.78126 index=31