Matching vector to a TTreeReaderArray in TSelector loop

Dear experts,

I have a very simple question regarding the usage of TTreeReaderValue and TTreeReaderArray.
I’m using a TSelector to loop over a tree, my final output will be a skimmed tree. I do not have problems to fill my flat variables, for example the number of jets:

Once defined:

TTreeReaderValue<Int_t> n_jet = {fReader, "n_jet"};
Int_t shortTree_n_jet;

in the loop I do:

shortTree_n_jet = *n_jet;

How can I do the same for vectors? For example the jet momenta:

TTreeReaderArray<float> jet_pt = {fReader, "jet_pt"};
vector<float> shortTree_jet_pt;

what about the matching?
shortTree_jet_pt = ?

Is there a smart way to do it without looping on the TreeReaderArray and fill the corresponding vector?

Thanks for the attention.


ROOT Version v6-10-04

Hi Francesco,

if you are skimming a tree, maybe a good option is to use TDataFrame. More specifically, you can filter your events, manipulate the quantities in the dataset, add new ones and save everything as a new dataset (also in parallel) - all this without worrying about details such as TTreeReader. See for instance this code example.


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