Marker size th2f

Hello, I’m trying to get large markers, then I wrote


but markers don’t enlarge…

emitcut.cpp (4.9 KB)

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We cannot run your code, the root file is missing…

Thank you @bellenot I’m uploading it…but it’s 550MB…than it requires some hours. I will write here the link

Sorry, no need to upload your root file, the TH2F is drawn with the scatter plot option (which was the default until recently IIRC), and you cannot change the size of the points…
And FYI, there is no option to draw TH2 with markers (so SetMarkerSize() is useless)

Thank you @bellenot I plotted using COLZ option

and default option of ROOT 6.20/04 for Windows

is there an option to enlarge the markers?
I explain you…
I made this plot

but I got a large value of emittance (it was very strange)…then I tried to make calculation just in a range of values and I got good emittance value
Then tried to plot all data and I see there is a little background and this is the reason of large emittance value

but you see…I can’t show this plot because markers are very small…then I need an option to enlarge markes …it doesn’t matter which option…it’s just to show that the large emittance value is just due to the background

As I said, there is no marker in TH2. And I think we already explained that once: Problem with 2D plot values

Thank you @bellenot! Solved!
Sorry but I didn’t remember that I had the same problem 2 years ago! How did you remember it?

The forum is meant to be a source of information, so I just searched for TH2 Marker. It’s what users should do BTW…

Sorry…you are right!

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No problem! :slight_smile:

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