I have the following problem: I have a number of histograms which I plot in a 6x11 matrix in one canvas (with zero distance in between). I want to have an overall headline which I realize with a TPaveLabel. To be able to read it I’m specifying the font size in pixels. This works fine but as the global margins are given in percentage of Pad size I have to adjust the margins everytime I change the number of histograms in my plot. Is there a chance to have a more useful margin (meaning for instance using percentage of Canvas size instead of pad size)? I saw something similar was already discussed last year but no real solution was given.

I attach the script, the root file and the plot it produces.

Thanks in advance

Petra (184 KB)
SPRTree_mc_iso_14.root (188 KB)
sp_test.C (5.7 KB)

Make an intermediate pad as shown in the attached script.
Look at lines with “//<==============” to see what I changed
in your script.

sp_test.C (6 KB)