Many TGeoVolume objects


I am trying to make a simulation
based on an CT image.

That means that I need to define as many
TGeoBBox as the CT has.

Making it iteratively with

TGeoManager manger;
manager.AddNode("Box", new TGeoVolume(x,y,z,p));

somehow doesn’t come to an end if I am trying to
add more than 50 boxes in one dimension.

I then tried to use the TGeoVolume::Divide which is remarkably
a lot faster but I don’t succeed to Divide all axes of the same volume.
I used:

pVolume->Divide("X", 100, xStart, xIter);
pVolume->Divide("Y", 100, yStart, yIter);

and here it crashed.

Any suggestion?


Hi George,

You should not divide the same volume twice, but rather:

TGeoVolume *sliceX = pVolume->Divide("X", 100, xStart, xIter); 
TGeoVolume *sliceY = sliceX->Divide("Y", 100, yStart, yIter);