Making veto region with TCuts

I would like to use TCuts to veto entries in a region of a variable x between two values c1 and c2, but making cuts xc2 produces a plot with zero entries (c1 < c2). Also I would like to veto events in a plane of two variables a and b say defined by a band like c3 * a - c4 < b < c3 * b - c5 (where c3, c4 and c5 are constants). Are either of these possible with TCuts or is there another method in ROOT that will do this?


Do something like:

T.Draw("myvar",Form("(x<%g) && (x>%g)",c1,c2)); T.Draw("myvar",Form("(%g*a - %g< b) && b<%g*b-%g)",c3,c4,c3,c5));