Making sure axis label and title don't overlap

Is there a way to generically make sure that axis label and axis title don’t overlap?
I know you can set TitleOffSet and PadMargin by hand to make sure it fits, but I feel like there should be something like a makeReasonable() function that sets TitleOffSet and PadMargin to values that ‘make sense’ given the fontSize of title and labels, and number of digits on the labels.
Anyone know a solution for this?

Since the last release there is an automatic placement of title when the title offset is 0 (default). For older root version there is nothing automatic.

Why don’t you write your own design that makes sure there are no overlaps? It should be pretty easy, and you would probably need this functionality anyway.

TCanvas* canvas = myFancyCanvasWithProperMarginsFontsAndOffsets(histo); // :D

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