Making Palette's units appear in TH2


While reading one root file , I save all histograms in a big .ps file – My problem is , that while I choose the draw(“colz”) option, the plot fills almost all of the canvas , thus the palette is there, but not the units -
So, how can I draw(“colz”) and making the units on the Palette appear ? I would also like to remove the grids that appear in the final .ps file, although I do not have grids enabled in my TH2 plots.

I attach an example of my output .ps files

Thanks in advance


In order to see “palette units”, try to add “gPad->SetRightMargin(0.2);” after you create your canvas and before you draw your histogram (valid for that particular canvas only), or try to add “gStyle->SetPadRightMargin(0.2);” in the beginning, before you draw anything (valid for all canvases).
In order to remove grids, try to add “gPad->SetGridx(0); gPad->SetGridy(0);” or “gStyle->SetPadGridX(0); gStyle->SetPadGridY(0);”.