Making GUI with root

Hi. I’m working on a root program to acess databases and read off the necessary data to make the desired graphs.

However, I need the program to be accessbile to non-root users. So basically I need to add an interface to it so that anyone can run the program with a user friendly interface to select parameters desired, the scale of the graph, variables, and so on.

Any ideas of where I could learn more on GUI building or find sample scripts? Has anyone used root in this manner?


P.S - I’m working for Antares in France, for anyone who wants to know.

Hi Neil,

There is a chapter about the GUI classes available in the ROOT at and two macros: guitest.C and mditest.C in $ROOTSYS/tutorials as examples of these classes.

In addition you can see the RootShower application in $ROOTSYS/test/RootShower

Cheers, Ilka