Making BayesDivide() use doubles in TGraphAsymmErrors


I came across a problem of wanting to get asymmetric error bars on an efficiency histogram that is built with BayesDivide(). My input histograms have non-integer bin contents though, and that is not handled properly: the contents are rounded to integers. Usually this goes unnoticed, unless the bin contents are really small, as in my case.

I adapted TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx and TGraphAsymmErrors.h to work with floats. I tested standalone, not within root, but the changes are trivial and should be easy to merge. I attach the diff’s.

Could this be included?

TGraphAsymmErrors_diff.h (634 Bytes)
TGraphAsymmErrors_diff.cxx (1000 Bytes)


thank you for submitting this patch. I will test it and then commit in SVN
Best Regards