Making a .dat file from a .root file?

What is the simplest way to make a data file from a .root file ?

What is “a data file” exactly?

I have a .root file and I contains 3 histograms. I want to convert this into a data file?

.DAT File Extension

yes . exactly. the .dat file extension. :smiley:

rename yourfile.root yourfile.dat

But when I rename it, the data file shows only random symbols. It doesn’t show anything I can read.

asc.root (23.1 KB)

You still don’t understand, do you.
I know what a root file and what a histogram is.
I have no idea what YOU WANT TO GET out of it (maybe you want to dump your histograms).

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If you want to eye ball is content, you could try to convert the ROOT file to the Yoda format with this command:

But, yeah, to be able to provide meaningful further assistance we would need to know what you want to do once that ROOT file has been converted to some ASCII format…

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Because only ASCII format is compatible with the model I am working on.

Then,what is this ASCII format (there are many of those) ?
What is this model?

AMPT model. and the format is .dat

yes. I didn’t knew the exact word. Thank you so much.

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