MakeSelector and Process problem


I use MakeSelector to generate a select.C and select.h file. When I use:
in ROOT where “data” is the name of branch of my root file, it can work. But when I use:
it cannot work and returns error message like the attached file “log.txt”
In the error message, “fileY5yOps.cxx” is not my file. I don’t know why it says there are many syntax errors in this file.

If I use this command
[ul]g++ -I/disk/cmssoft/CMSSW/slc3_ia32_gcc323/lcg/root/5.13.04e/root/include -c select.C[/ul]
to compile it, it can pass and has no warning.
I use ROOT version 5.13/04e and Scientific Linux CERN Release 3.0.8 (SL).

Could anyone help?

log.txt (13.9 KB)
select.h (3.78 KB)
select.C (5.55 KB)

‘select’ is also the name of C function (that is declared in one the header indirectly included), this confused the compiler when attempting to compile the dictionary for your class. Please use a different class name.


Hi Philippe,

I recreate a .C and a .h files with another name.
They can work now.

Best Regards,