MAKEINFO problems with existing root applications with v5.12

I recently upgraded to v5.13/02. I am running RH Linux FC4. I have 2 problems. One of which is I get the message when running rootcint:

Please refer to these examples and create for your platform
Error: cannot open /usr/local/root/cint/MAKEINFO
!!! There are examples of MAKEINFO files under /usr/local/root/cint/platform/ !!!

and this directory doesn’t exist.

The second problem I get is probably relate. I’m guessing that it is an odd header include:

rootcint: symbol lookup error: rootcint: undefined symbol: _ZN14G__ShadowMaker15NeedShadowClassER12G__ClassInfo

Any suggestions?


my guess is that the rootcint you run is not the one from $ROOTSYS/bin, but from an older version.

Cheers, Axel.

Sometimes the obvious evades me! Thanks for setting me straight.