Makefile not found in tmva folder

I have root version 6.14/02. I went through the TMVA users guide in which it is mentioned that to build the library we have to execute make in tmva directory.

However, in the tmva folder of root, there is no makefile.

I tried downloading tmva from into q separate folder. However, while executing make it shows the following error

Please guide me how to install TMVA properly.

You can enable TMVA with cmake -Dtmva=on. Details on building root from sources are available at:

Hi @adityadash ,
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In case it can be useful, note that all recent ROOT releases come with TMVA included, you don’t have to install it separately (that user guide and that repository are quite out of date).

Instructions for installing recent ROOT versions (you don’t necessarily have to compile it from source) can be found at .