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I use MakeClass on a D3PD to generate .C and .h files. Now, in my D3PD, there are two trees ‘physics’ and ‘physicsTrigDec’. ‘physics’ tree contains all truth, reco information, while the ‘physicsTrigDec’ contains all the trigger information. I generated the macro using

myclass.h contains ony those leaf(variables) in the ‘physics’ tree and no information from ‘physicdTrigDec’ tree is available in the header file.

If I also want the trigger information(variables) from the ‘physicsTrigDec’ tree in the .h file to perform trigger study, how to go about it?

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I’ve got the same problem. I’ve pass two days to research the complete method to include two ttree in the same makeclass output file.

Please answer to this question!

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These days your options are:

  • TTree::MakeSelector()
  • use TTreeReader
  • use ROOT::RDataFrame

@pcanal any other recommendations here?