MakeClass MakeSelector libgfortran.3.dylib problem

I am trying to use MakeClass or MakeSelector but I have a MacOS related issue. I use a precompiled binary of root on Mojave. When using MakeSelector root complains about me not having libgfortran.3.dylib. I searched for gfotran, and eventually I dowloaded gfortran for Mojave Problem is that the library is newer than libgfortran.3.dylib (the gfortrant for Mopjave gives libgfortran.5.dylib). I have finally got MakeSelector to work by “cheating”, creating a soft link from to libgfortran.5.dylib named libgfortran.3.dylib
So my questions are:
1)Why is MakeSelector asking for this gfortran library? Is it actually needed?
2)Where do I get the actual libgfortran.3.dylib for Mojave? or should I leave the link?

Thank you

Hi Angela,

Which exact ROOT binary did you download - could you provide me with the link, please?

Cheers, Axel.

Dear Axel
I was using the latest root_v6.16.00.macosx64-10.14-clang100.dmg from but today when I went to check things to make sure it was indeed the version I thought the problem went away. Root is now happy with the newer libgfortran library or it does not care anymore. I have not idea what changed, only thing I did since yesterday is closing some windows and I am wondering sourcing again my path, and setting again the ROOT environment with did the trick.

Good to hear, thanks for reporting this back!

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