MakeClass error: message @0x55cc571d3ee0

ROOT Version: 6.18.00
Platform: UBUNTU
Compiler: Not Provided

I used a file with tree (chain) and used to generated a makeclass, but when I run a code an message appears:

(TotIon) @0x55cc571d3ee0, but I don’t what it means! It is possible to help me?

I will attached the root file but I can’t still place yet.

TotIon.C (5.5 KB)
TotIon.h (10.4 KB)

How exactly are you trying to use it?

Good Morning!

I’m used runnig as root -l TotIon.C

Then I use .L TotIon.C, TotIon m, m.Loop(). Nevwrtheless this você it’s run ok.

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Your “TotIon.C” is not a runnable macro (it does not define a “TotIon” function), so you should not try to execute it at root startup (i.e., just run “root -l”).

You can load this file at startup:
root -l -e '.L TotIon.C'
and then:
root [1] TotIon m; m.Loop();
or simply:
root -l -e '.L TotIon.C' -e 'TotIon m; m.Loop();'

Thanks @Wile_E_Coyote for the reply!

I will do it!

Best regards

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