Makecint error: while linking the code!

Makecint successfully compiled the code (all the “.o” files created) and while linking the whole code it gives this error:

Error: Symbol __BEGIN_NAMESPACE_C99 typedef __mbstate_t mbstate_t is not defined in current scope FILE:/usr/include/wchar.h LINE:106 !!!Removing G__cpp_MyProg_2013.cxx G__cpp_MyProg_2013.h !!! make: *** [G__cpp_MyProg_2013.cxx] Error 1

Althought this looks like an error error with c libraries (my be gcc problem).
But have not clue about which libraries CINT depends on and hence no idea about the error too.
I will be grateful for any help or relevant links.
Thank you.



This is not a linking error but a compilation error. How did you run makecint (or maybe you should be using rootcint)? What is the command line that lead to this error?


All the while I was actually trying to compile it myself.
I am yet far away from the solution I suppose.
Please find attached the files I am working with. I was trying to use makecint on these files, but did not succeed. I tried following commands:

makecint -mk MakeXmlParse -o xmlParse -H xmlParser.h -C++ xmlParser.cpp
#creates a make file “MakeXmlParse”, next I make;
make -mk MakeXmlParse

And here it gives the error I mentioned in my earlier question.
#Note: Attached code compiles fine with g++ (checked and tested) creating a “.o” .

Thank you for your time,
xmlParser.cpp (108 KB)
xmlParser.h (42 KB)


Were you able to resolve this issue?