Make htmldoc


I’m installing ROOT with CMake for the first time. I’m not so familiar with this configuration tool.
In the past, I used to also build the html documentation (with ‘make html’). How can I do this with CMake?

Thank you.

We are currently working to provide all the targets to generate various pieces of documentation. On the master you can generate the doxygen documentation following the the instructions in

Hi Mato,

I installed root-6.04.06. I don’t think the doxygen documentation is available there.

Also what is the long-term plan wrt documentation? Will the htmldoc still be supported or should I switch to doxygen?

Thank you

Hi Adrian,
The doxygen documentation is available and making rapid progress on the master branch (development release 6.05.02 has it already). The release 6.06 scheduled for the end of the month will have a complete documentation. As you can see the plan is to discontinue the old THtml and maintain the Doxygen only.