Make 2 1D TH1F histograms 1 2D histogram


Is there any way to take 2 1D TH1F histograms and combine them to form 1 2D histogram if the two histograms aren’t directly correlated?

Thanks in advance!


Once you’ve made a 2 1Dhistogram, you’ve lost all other information (e.g., correlations).

If you want to assume that there is absolutely no correlation and for some reason there is an advantage to having a single 2D histograms, you could make one by having two loops (one over the bins of the first histogram and one over the bins of the second) and creating a 2D histogram, but I don’t see any reason to do this in general (I could imagine some weird cases, but …).

If you really want a 2D histogram, make it at the same time you are making the 1D histograms.