Magboltz Gas Work function calculation


when launching the gas generation in Garfield++, I define a given mixture, number of collisions, max electron energy, pressure, temperature, etc.

Then, I call

MediumMagboltz::GenerateGasTable( collisions, true);

When the calculation is finished, I can retrieve the electron drift velocity and other gas parameters using the MediumMagboltz interface, i.e. using

MediumMagbolz::ElectronVelocity(0., 0, -E, 0, 0, 0, vx, vy, vz);

I would like to obtain the value of W of the gas, which seems it should be stored in


But the value I always get is 0.

There is a way to calculate the gas W, and get its value accessible through MediumMagboltz::GetW()?



Magboltz doesn’t calculate the W value of the gas mixture, but you can get it from Heed. After calling TrackHeed::NewTrack (see, for instance, this example,, you can retrieve the W value using TrackHeed::GetW.



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