Macros path error

Please provide the following information:

ROOT Version (e.g. 6.12/06):
Platform, compiler (e.g. CentOS 7.3, gcc6.2): ATOM
OS: MAC 10.13

I just installed Root on my Mac using Homebrew. After the installation the system created a directory following this path $ /usr/local/Cellar/root/6.12.06_3/share/root/macros.

I’d like to create macro and creating codes with ATOM under this directory Users/simone/Desktop/…running the calculus at this level. Where I’ve to change the code to avoid to work under usr/… directory?

p.s. I open root from terminal from any position without problem taping simply “root”

You can create ROOT macros wherever you want.

No I can’t because when I open root and tape for example x fhghfhg.C the following error occurs:

Error in TApplication::ExecuteFile: macro GenFit.C not found in path .:/usr/local/Cellar/root/6.12.06_3/share/root/macros

Usually, either you first “cd /path/with/your/macros” and then start “root” there and execute “.x fhghfhg.C” (or “.x ./fhghfhg.C”), or you start “root” elsewhere and then execute “.x /path/with/your/macros/fhghfhg.C”.

You can also create your own ${HOME}/.rootrc file (see the ${ROOTSYS}/etc/system.rootrc file) with just one line (then any macros in your “/path/with/your/macros” will automatically be seen, too):

Unix.*.Root.MacroPath:      .:/path/with/your/macros:$(ROOTSYS)/macros

I’ll try and then I’ll give a feedback. Thanks.

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