Macro not found

Error in TApplication::ExecuteFile: macro code.C data.txt not found in path .:/home/xgh/build/macros


What is exactly what you are executing?

Are you trying to run a macro? What is the command you are using?

Iā€™m trying to execute the macro code.C and it had one argument data.txt.

I used the command .x code.C data.txt

I assume your current working directory is /home/xgh/build/macros?

Please make sure that both code.C and data.txt are in /home/xgh/build/macros, or move to the directory where they are before running root and then .x code.C data.txt.

Both code.C and data.txt are in the directory /home/xgh/build/macros. Still the same error is coming up.


Then, assuming you did

cd /home/xgh/build/macros

this should work, from the ROOT prompt:

.x code.C("data.txt")

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Thanks for the solution