Macosx DISPLAY problem


I installed root on macosx 10.4.8. When i run root i get following error. How can i resolve this? Thanks.

root: can't figure out DISPLAY, set it manually


You need to install and start X11 app to use ROOT on MacOS X (or you can work in a batch mode).
May be, you’ve already istalled X11 app (AFAIK it should be in Utilities). If not - it’s on you MacOS X installation disk.

After you start it, you must have correct ROOTSYS/PATH/LD_LIBRARY_PATH/DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables (X11 app has window similar to terminal console).
I’m not sure about DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH, but if you specify it, it should be the same as LD_LIBRARY_PATH.