Mac OSX 10.6.4 importing ROOT from Python: malloc error

Hello all,

I am having problem with importing root from python.
I use MAC OSX 10.6.4, the python versions installed are the following (from port select --list python) :

python26-apple (active)

python26 and python27 have been installed from Port.

When selecting by default any of the 4 versions (I actually need python2.>=6) with “port select python pythonXX” and building root with “./configure --enable-python” (python might actually be enabled by default…), root is successfully installed on my machine.

However, when entering python and typing “import ROOT” this is what I get no matter the default python version:

Also, a problem report pops up with title “Python quit unexpectedly while using the libstdc++.6.dylib plugin”. The first lines of the report are the following: (when python26-apple is the default version)

Hope to hear from you.


It looks like you are using MacPorts, in which case I might suggest simply installing the port “root”. Just remember to add the appropriate +python26 or +python27 variant.

Another thing to test is which python is actually run when you type “python” at the command prompt. If that python isn’t the same as the one that root’s ./configure picked up, then surely there would be linking issues.


Hello Jean-François,

I will try to install it using port ok. I feared that I could not use minuit2 or roofit for example but it seems it is possible through variants.

When setting the default version of python with “port select python pythonXX”, the version used by “python” and the one linked by “./configure” are necessarely the same so this is not the problem.


Installing root from Port solves the problem thank you.

However I still don’t understand the malloc error, if someone has a solution I’m still interested.