Mac OS X install

Hi. I’m trying to run ROOT on my intel macbook (10.4.8, w/ gcc 4.0.1) using the 5.14.00 version of ROOT.

I unzipped and put everything in ~/root, setup the ROOTSYS and DYLD_LIBRARY vars and such as it says in the README. When I attempt to run root I get:

rootx xpm error: XpmOpenFailed
root: can’t start ROOT – check that ~/root/bin/root.exe exists!

Yet it does, and I can see it in the correct directory.

I changed the XPM variable as it also says in the README, and this doesn’t seem to help. Any suggestions?

Did you also update the PATH? Simplest thing to do is:

cd ~/root
. bin/ (or thisroot.csh if you use the csh)

Cheers, Fons.

Works! Is this a one time only thing, or should I put something in my startup script?

You need to put this in you startup script.