LZMA/src/LZMA/lib/liblzma.lib', needed by 'bin/Core.dll', missing and no known rule to make it

I’m new to vsc++ and root. want to contribute but I’m struggling to compile root files with this error message "LZMA/src/LZMA/lib/liblzma.lib', needed by 'bin/Core.dll', missing and no known rule to make it" for over 3 days. hoping that someone provides a detailed solution to this.

visual studio 2022
windows 11
root v6.24.06.win32.vc.16.exe and debug.exe

Welcome to the ROOT Forum! When do you see this message exactly?

hii thank you for the reply
whenever i build, run or degub … this shows in the visual studio’s output window.
so means I can’t do any of those without solving this issue.

Do you mean when you run, build or debug your own application, or ROOT itself? If it’s your own application, how do you configure/build it? Can you provide a reproducer?

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sir, basically i m trying to replace legacy iterators to range based loops in roofit in ROOT itself.
so I guess whenever I will gonna change I should able to compile it which I’m not able to.

OK, so you downloaded the source code (e.g. root_v6.24.06.source.tar.gz) and failed to build?

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i forked and cloned the ROOT github repo

OK, and you cloned the master branch? How did you configure? Which CMake options did you specify? Did you manage to build ROOT before modifying it? Can you provide the complete error message you get when building?

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cmake was there before and i didnt faced any issue regarding to it (cmake version 3.22.2)
i am trying to build ROOT directly without any changes . the visual code output shows

>------ Build started: Project: CMakeLists, Configuration: Debug ------
C:\Users\dell\Desktop\shared project\root\out\build\x64-Debug\ninja : error : 'LZMA/src/LZMA/lib/liblzma.lib', needed by 'bin/Core.dll', missing and no known rule to make it

I don’t know if Ninja works on Windows. Can you try with Visual Studio instead?

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