Luận văn quản trị buôn bán hiệu quả tiêu dùng vốn kinh doanh (Phần 1)

the .txt file contains 763693 line, and two column (the 1st depth varies between -148.5 and 148.5 , and the 2nd dose values).
I want to plot by root the dose versus on depth. my questions how I can convert the dose values, we must devise each dose value by the maximum value and multiply to 100.


  TTree *t = new TTree("t", "depth and dose");
  t->ReadFile("SomeFile.txt", "depth/D:dose"); // read SomeFile.txt
  Double_t max_dose = t->GetMaximum("dose");
  t->Draw(TString::Format("100. * dose / %.9g : depth", max_dose));
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