Lost markers

I have a wierd problem of plotting TGraphErrors. When I try to plot several TGraphErrors on one canvas, one of them lost markers! Please look at attached graph. The green solid points on the top lost some markers (only some but not all). I am sure I am plotting green solid points like others.

Any body could help to figure out it?

Linux and root:

TMultiGraph *mginCC = new TMultiGraph("mginCC", "R_{jet} vs E_{T#gamma} in CC"); mginCC->Add(gRjetETinCC_input); mginCC->Add(gRjetETinCC_ptclet);// this TGraphErrors is corresponding to green solid points on the top. mginCC->Add(gRjetETinCC_ptcl); mginCC->Add(gRjetETinCC_uncorr); mginCC->Draw("AP"); mginCC->GetXaxis()->SetTitle("E_{T#gamma} (GeV)"); mginCC->GetYaxis()->SetTitle("Jet response"); TLegend *leg = new TLegend(0.5, 0.65, 0.88, 0.88); leg->SetFillColor(kWhite); leg->AddEntry(gRjetETinCC_uncorr, "Uncorrected real jet sample", "pl"); leg->AddEntry(gRjetETinCC_input, "scaling, no smearing", "pl"); leg->AddEntry(gRjetETinCC_ptclet, "no scaling, no smearing", "pl"); leg->AddEntry(gRjetETinCC_ptcl, "scaling & smearing (particle jet sample)", "pl"); leg->Draw("same");

Could you send the canvas.root file ?


I save the canvas as a root file. Please see the attached.

Could you send the canvas.root file ?
canRjet_ptclvsETginCC.root (15 KB)

For the graph with the green circles, you have called

graph->GetHistogram()->SetMaximum(1); graph->GetHistogram()->SetMinimum(0.4);
As a result the markers are clipped outside this range.