Loop over TList of TTrees

Dear all,

I cannot seem to figure out how to loop over a TList that contains TTrees.
there are five ways provided to loop over a TList, but none seem to help me.

The code I use

    TString input_path_hits_FCT = "MyFCTPath";
    TFile *inputFCT_hits = new TFile(input_path_hits_FCT, "read");
    TTree *hitTreeFCT = (TTree*)inputFCT_hits->Get("o2sim");

    TString input_path_hits_FT3 = "MyFT3Path";
    TFile *inputFT3_hits = new TFile(input_path_hits_FT3, "read");
    TTree *hitTreeFT3 = (TTree*)inputFT3_hits->Get("o2sim");

    // Set branch addresses - hits files
    std::vector<Hit>* hitFCT = nullptr;
    hitTreeFCT->SetBranchAddress("FCTHit", &hitFCT);
    Int_t nFCTEvents = hitTreeFCT->GetEntries();

    // FT3
    std::vector<Hit>* hitFT3 = nullptr;
    hitTreeFT3->SetBranchAddress("FCTHit", &hitFT3);
    Int_t nFT3Events = hitTreeFT3->GetEntries();

    // List for TTrees of detectors hit files
    TList *detectorTrees = new TList;

How do I then loop over this TList?
If I take the first example from the TList documentation page

for(const auto&& obj: *GetListOfPrimitives())

How does this piece of code understand about which TList we are talking about?
An example of how to loop over a TList would help a lot!

Thanks in advance.

_Platform: C++

grep -r GetListOfPrimitives ${ROOTSYS}/t[eu]*

BTW. In your case, you would probably need something like this: for(const auto&& obj: *detectorTrees)

I see, so the answer was quite simple after all. It worked, thanks!