Looking for a (simple) test of reflex


I am getting a problem when testing a Geant4 extended example which uses reflex for building class dictionaries, so I would like to check if reflex in my built Root (v5.27.06b) is working correctly on some simple test or examples provided in Root, but I did not find anything suitable.

Thank you,

Hi Ivana,

The test are only in the source code distributions ( $ROOTSYS/cint/reflex/test ) and in roottest (roottest/cint/reflex).


Hi Philippe,

I found the test directory in $ROOTSYS/cint/reflex already before, but I did not manage to build it;
there is only CMakeLists.txt but when running cmake here, I am getting error. When running cmake in the upper director, it builds libReflex.so in $ROOTSYS/cint/reflex/src but does not compile the test. As there is no README file indicating how to proceed, I stopped here.
I tried now also roottest, and here after excluding cint/parsing where I was getting error and the test stopped beforing reaching reflex, I am getting the following:

Running test in ./cint/reflex
Tests in ./cint/reflex … OK
rm properties_rflxdriver.C updateMembers_rflxdriver.C classVersion_rflxdriver.C
Running test in ./cint/reflex_standalone
Configuring Reflex…
CMake Error: The source directory “/cint/reflex” does not exist.
Specify --help for usage, or press the help button on the CMake GUI.
Tests skipped.
Tests in ./cint/reflex_standalone … OK

It looks like there is missing some environment variable with path to cint/reflex in root, but I did not find anything about it.

Thank you,


after building reflex you can simply run “make test” to execute the tests.

Cheers, Axel.